A tooth that is severely damaged (due to fracture or decay) or has a large defective restoration can be restored to natural form and function with a crown. The crown can protect the tooth from fracture and further decay. Crowns can also serve to cover a discolored tooth, anchor a bridge or complete implant treatment. Crowns are durable and strong and expected to last many years but may eventually need replacement.

Instructions for use of temporary crown

Your temporary crown is made from a resin material. It is temporarily cemented and can come off, so we ask that you follow these instructions while in your temporary. DO NOT chew sticky foods such as: chewing gum, caramel, cheese and hard candy and nuts. When you floss remember to pull the floss through and not up and down.

We will provide you a tube of poly-grip adhesive, so if your temporary comes off you can use it to replace the temp. If you have to use the poly-grip, we ask that you give us a call (919-361-0500) ASAP to have the temporary replaced with the proper cement. Failure to have your temporary properly cemented could result in your permanent crown not fitting.

If this happens you could incur the cost of remaking the crown. If you feel like your bite needs an adjustment after your crown appointment, please give us a call to avoid damage to the temporary. You can expect some soreness after your crown appointment. We will give you an antiseptic rinse to use at bedtime to help promote healing. If there are any other questions or concerns please feel free to call the office.