Q: Are we accepting new patients?
Yes! Please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment.

Q: Do we treat children?
We usually begin seeing patients around three years old and when they have all or most of their primary (baby) teeth. But if there is a problem before three years old, come see us as soon as possible. Please feel free to download and print this picture 1 or picture 2 for your child to color.

Q: Do I have to accompany my child to every appointment?
Your child must be accompanied to the office by a parent or legal guardian on their first visit and until they are 18 years old. While the child is receiving treatment we would prefer that the parent or guardian remain in the waiting room.

Q: Can I bring x-rays from my former dentist?
Yes, we encourage this. Previous x-rays are especially helpful. However, we may need to take current x-rays in order to complete your exam thoroughly.

Q: What are sealants?
Dental sealants protect the chewing surfaces of back teeth where most cavities in children are found. Made of clear or shaded plastic, sealants are painted onto the tiny grooves in the molars. By “sealing out” food and plaque, sealants reduce the risk of decay. They are quickly and painlessly applied to any permanent teeth that, in the dentist’s opinion, are likely to develop decay on the biting surface.

Q: Can you whiten my teeth?
Yes, we offer two home use whitening systems. After your exam we will be happy to suggest which option is best for you.
• Home-use kit which contains hydrogen-peroxide is used over a period of weeks after custom trays are made
• For brightening teeth we carry a whitening film which contains carbamide-peroxide. This film is placed on the teeth and is worn from 30 minutes to overnight.

Q: What do I need for my initial visit?
We would ask that you go to the links page and select New Patient Questionnaires, complete the forms and show up 15 minutes prior to your scheduled initial appointment.

Q: What method of payments do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, payment plans through Care Credit, checks and cash. Do you file insurance? As a courtesy to our patients, we do file to most insurance plans. We only file to primary plans and will give you the information needed to file a secondary plan.